Juniper Butter Knife Handmade 3x 17cm

  • FOOD SAFE : Our butter spreader is Natural and absolutely Safe ensuring your food remains untouched of any harmful chemicals while handling it
  • YOUR NEW KITCHEN STAPLE: Use your juniper wood spreader to serve butter prepare your kids favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or treat your friends to the most marvelous fragrant roasts they ever had the pleasure of tasting. This juniper butter spreader will help you tackle multiple cooking tasks, with unprecedented ease gaining a prominent position among your kitchen utensil staples
  • HANDMADE WITH CARE:We hand carve each and every one of our spreaders with attention to detail and dedication to artisan techniques ensuring you receive an outstanding kitchenutensil made to last you for many years and through many cooking sessions to come. Featuring intricate mosaic detailing on its handle and retaining junipers characteristic mesmerizing scent youll long to reach into your kitchen drawers and use your butter spreader during your daily breakfast or cooking routine
  • NATURAL JUNIPER WOOD: Our butter knife helps you take advantage of junipers food preserving properties. Carved from whole dense and durable juniper wood blocks each butter spreader is just as unique as each piece of wood it originated from. By purchasing your very own FittSMILE butter knife you are gaining a lasting kitchen utensil whose individual design cannot be replicated.

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