Nurme purest beauty Sea Buckthorn Orange Body Lotion 200ml

Allow yourself a little moment every day that will take care of you and make your skin silky smooth. Bring freshness and wonderful scents into your day.

Vitamin-Rich sea buckthorn – orange body milk has a light consistency, which helps the beneficial active ingredients to be absorbed quickly and it won’t leave the skin oily.

Key ingredients

• The beneficial active ingredients in sea buckthorn oil help to regenerate skin cells and moisturize and protect your body deeply, leaving it soft, radiant, and youthful.
• Orange essential oil stimulates the senses and provides energy, leaving the skin smelling irresistibly good.

To use:
Moisturize and nourish your skin every day and pay the most attention to dry areas. It is best to moisturize your skin after taking a shower or bath and after exfoliating with the sea buckthorn-orange body scrub. If you feel that some areas need even more intensive care, try our sea buckthorn-orange nourishing body cream.

Ritual for a perfectly cared body: 1) cleanse 2) exfoliate 3) moisturize and nourish


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